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@alexanderjaytv  Director | Dad | Husband | Artist | Videographer | Owner of @mirrorlessprod 📽 Creating content for @vaynersports 🏈 #DreamBig

4 hours ago

The words “Why you do that?” will never be the same. Been listening to @6lack on repeat lately. 🙏🏻

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14 hours ago

Threw on the 85mm cinema lens to get a closer shot of @6lack. Dude is one hell of a performer. #FuelYourPassion 🎤

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3 days ago

I know part of me is a film geek because I drool over new video gear when it drops. But it’s what I can do with it for my clients that makes me jacked. • I got the new @atomos_news Ninja V recorder + @angelbirdmedia 500GB hard drive right before my ATL trip & the footage it produced was stunning! I wanted to shoot everything for @vaynersports in 10bit 4K HDR. 🙏🏻 at Atlanta Tech Village

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10 days ago

If you chase your dreams long enough, you just might end up creating for the people you look up to the most. • Being able to film the @garyvee x @vaynersports Meet & Greet in ATL was so surreal. Can’t wait to edit the recap video! 🙏🏻 • #DreamBig #Grateful at Atlanta Tech Village

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16 days ago

I’ve always believed a dog is a man’s best friend. So happy to know what that feeling is like now. Going to be missing this little guy while I’m in ATL the rest of the week!

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17 days ago

We made it! A polar vortex could not stop us from getting to Atlanta to film Super Bowl events for @vaynersports. 🏈 • We’ll be shooting a ton of events over the next 4 days, and tomorrow I get to film @garyvee. Literally a dream come true. And I’m so stoked to be rockin’ these new shirts @offbeatpress made us. This Film Crew is ready. 💪🏻 • @vaynersports X @mirrorlessprod at Atlanta, Georgia

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20 days ago

We added a new member to the family today! This little Golden Retriever came all the way from South Dakota. He has so much love and I can’t wait for our boys to meet him. • Grateful for @mrs.chelsea.belville always pushing our fam forward. Welcome home, Bohdi! 🐶

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26 days ago

I leave for #ATL for the Super Bowl next week! Getting more excited & nervous as each day goes on. Traveling with film gear can be nerve wrecking yet so thrilling at the same time. 🛫 • Feeling grateful today that my dreams of traveling for work are happening. Still so new to me, but I believed this would happen since early on. Small town kid, but big city dreams. Believe in yourself. 💪🏻 #MondayMotivation

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27 days ago

Not everything will come to you right away. Sometimes there’s a light bulb moment & sometimes you gotta wait for that moment to hit ya! • I remember trying to think of the name for my video company @mirrorlessprod just days after deciding to starts a business, it hit me while making popcorn, lol. But it took 1.5 years later to come up w/ our slogan: CAPTURE. CREATE. INSPIRE. • I had to test the waters. I had to find what our message was, and most importantly: I had to work with others to find the WHY. Don’t be afraid to be patient to find your words to live by. #MirrorlessMotivation at Austin Straubel Airport - Green Bay, WI

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29 days ago

As much as I love being out there, running a business and filming — so much of my time is spent in the shadows. Creating behind a Mac. Pushing myself to slow down, focus, and edit. I’ve been blessed to have a ton of projects in post-production this winter. I’m wrapping up my 6th video edit of 2019 this weekend. That is a record for me. • So many late nights + working on the weekend, but that’s what it takes. Sometimes you gotta tune the world out to work on your goals & dreams.

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30 days ago

All three kids in one photo. ❤️

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1 month ago

For me, it’s all about having the DRIVE. That internal motivation that pushes you to be better, work harder, and chase your dreams. I always say, “Don’t lose that DRIVE!” My uncle says, “Keep your foot on the gas!” Puts a smile on my face every time. #MirrorlessMotivation at Golden Gate Bridge

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1 month ago

These are my best friends. One of my personal goals is to just simply capture them more this year. Babies grow too fast, and our little girl will already be 6 months old in just 2 weeks. #BrontëRose 💕

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1 month ago

I look up to leaders. As an entrepreneur you have to strive to be a better leader — especially if you’re running a business. For me, it’s taking insight from podcasts, videos, and speaking events. • Grateful for entrepreneurs like @garyvee & so many others. Many of them give us a ton of great knowledge for FREE. We’re living in an incredible time, and as much as we can all be caught up in too much tech or social media – it is still such a positive thing! 🙏🏻 • I’ve been able to make a living off creating videos because of promoting myself & sharing my work online + all the insight I’ve gained on the internet. 20 years ago that wouldn’t have been possible. 🤯 at Palo Alto, California

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1 month ago

Perfectionism... let’s talk about it. You struggle with it — raise your hand. 🙋🏼‍♂️ • Yeah, me to. It’s one of those things that I think is a gift & a curse. For me, it’s part of what I believe makes my art great, but it’s also what can hold me back... spending too much time dwelling on a project, video or photo edit, and other things, too. • I’ve told myself for awhile I’d only share professional photos on here because I’m a videographer/photographer. That’s stupid and I oddly enough love the natural look of iPhone portraits. One of my biggest goals to remember as a content creator this year is my job is to tell stories & capture the moment. IT SHOULD BE ABOUT CAPTURING THE MOMENT — NOT THE CLARITY. 📸 • This is me, first night in San Francisco, location scouting downtown and happy as hell about where these filmmaking dreams are taking me. Why would I not share that?! • 2019, let’s let it go & quit perfecting. 💪🏻 at San Francisco, California

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1 month ago

Still can’t believe I got to see @garyvee speak at @shoepalace last month! He just dropped a video from it on Friday. So surreal knowing I was in the front row & had just got done filming with @vaynersports. I have wanted to see him speak for over a year... What are the odds that minutes after our shoot, I would hop on Instagram and see he was 10 miles from us?! I had just enough time to catch him before our flight. ✈️ • That was one of the most full circle moments for me. I promise it pays to chase your dreams! • P.S. had to cop his new SP25’s too! Gary says we should flip them, but I might shelve them in my home office for memory sake then see what they’re worth years from now. I’m in it for the long haul baby! It’s all about the moment & legacy. 🙏🏻 at Palo Alto, California

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