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26 days ago

Super grateful for the laser level my family gifted me this Christmas. Taking all guesswork out of installing the cloud over my desk correctly. #DoItOnceDoItRight

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30 days ago

Merry Christmas, friends.

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1 month ago

Loved being a part of this shoot. These folks did something like 15 full takes over 2 evenings and never complained or sounded tired. The volunteer crew was also tireless and attacked their tasks with enthusiasm and joy. So proud of my friends and the video we made! Check out @crossbridgetx’s fb page for full video and credits!

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2 months ago

This has been in my calendar for MONTHS. So excited to see this in cinema!

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3 months ago

Chilling with my nephews!

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4 months ago

Good riddance!

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4 months ago

When you mistake the umbilical chord for a penis, your tech makes sure to spell it out for you 😂 Y’all, I’m having a DAUGHTER!

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4 months ago


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5 months ago

I took a chance and invited some friends over to play #DnD in honor of my birthday. We were a party of 7 where only one of us (and not the DM) had ever actually played before. What resulted was an evening that left me with a full heart and a face aching from laughter. Glad for my @redemptionhou family and their fearless attitude. Grateful for my incredible wife @tellingpanda and her support and enthusiasm in spite of other life circumstances stressing her out. Grateful for #thezonecast for showing me the beauty of imagining with friends, even when you’re 31.

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6 months ago

Throwback to Spain tour. Another night of <4hrs sleep, another day of trying to sleep and snap pretty photos from the back of a hot van before more sitting in airports, eating military cafeteria food, and sound-checks. ...God, I miss it so much. #DeadSerious #TakeMeBack at Seville, Spain

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6 months ago

If you thought I was gonna visit Montgomery without eating at yelp’s top restaurant then you’re dumber than I look. Behold: the Lucky Luciano. #FoodComa at Tony's Italian Delicatessen

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7 months ago

Vid/photo dump from Portugal

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7 months ago

Wow, 7 days later and I’m back in the States. I can’t express how grateful I am to @rachellipsky and @armedforcesent for allowing me to bless the troops along with my friends and our gifts. Our AFE manager Joe promised more tours, but even if I don’t get to go again I will never forget this week. My head and heart are full from so many amazing moments with my new (and old) friends in Nashville. Big love to Cupcake, Biscuit, Gravy, Turkey, Corky, and Dirty Joe. Love always, your boy Blanket. at Rota, Spain

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7 months ago

Enjoying a few pitchers of culture on a beach in Spain. Please don’t make me leave tomorrow, I can take a different flight! 🙏 at Rota, Spain

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7 months ago

Too busy mixing to take photos of the show, but here’s some photos of the day. Time to take an hour nap and head back to the airport at 4 😟.... . Some local meats, including the best blood sausage I’ve ever had, and fresh goat cheese. Also the stage we played today before soundcheck.

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7 months ago

So blessed to be hanging out in Portugal with these hooligans. Thanks to @rachellipsky for bringing me on tour!

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8 months ago

A young man arrived at the distillery Jenni and I are visiting and explained that his father and a group of local Vietnam vets were making their way in from the parking lot. Garrison didn’t hesitate to tell the man that each one of them would have the full flight of 5 whiskies on the house. I’m so happy to see these men in community with each other and I’m so happy to be supporting a business that honors these men. Note to self: stay in community, drink Garrison Bros (Especially their Estacado). at Garrison Brothers Distillery

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9 months ago

Me n’ my mommy. Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible women who bust your buns trying to ensure the future generations don’t grow up hungry (or become jerks)!

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