4 days ago

Bitmap. Plus? - With the rise of the mullet and the consequent resurgence of the wheelsize debate, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the Bitmap. So we thought we’d revisit a little experiment we did a year ago. - Link in bio. - #airdropbikes #airdropbitmap #hardtail #hardtailmtb #mtb at Sheffield

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6 days ago

Steve’s Bitmap turned out pretty sweet. - We supplied a Bitmap frame in Large/Grey with bronze decals, a bunch of @burgtec kit in Kash Bronze and some @hopetech bits & bobs. Steve did the rest. loving the Kashima colour coding from the fork decals through to the dropper. - We always like to see how customers build up their frames but especially when they turn out this good. - 📷 @steve_tewbacca - #airdropbikes #airdropbitmap #mtb #mountainbike #hardtail #hardtailmtb

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7 days ago

Its been a tough week. All the Edit v3 frames are gone and we’re keeping everyone waiting. We got hit with an unexpected tax bill which kicked off a mini cash-crisis, then we got robbed. We’ve been working overtime just to deal with police, insurance companies and HMRC. Turns out living the dream can be a bit of a nightmare. - But... we got to ride our bikes. We spent Tuesday dialling in something new and awesome. We’ve got Fades and Edits coming soon and new stuff in the works that we can’t wait to show you. We’ve got someone new starting in a couple of weeks and the search is on for a new workshop. - It’s true that running a (very) small and (very) independent bike brand can kick your ass, and sometimes I don’t know why we do it. But if we didn’t have to shovel shit on the hard days, we wouldn’t get to do all the cool stuff either. - I’m looking forward to next week. - #airdropbikes - 📷 @jamescrsslnd

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11 days ago

STOLEN - We’ve been robbed. Again. This time they smashed through a skylight, dropped in to the workshop and made off with a bunch of stuff including this brand new Bitmap Works bike and a load of @burgtec and @hopetech components. - F*****g S***bags - #airdropbikes at Sheffield

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24 days ago

Good old Edit v1. - We sent this one to Rob @mbukmagazine for the 2017 Bike Of The Year issue. When we got it back we sold it used to a local lad who’s been riding it ever since. - Today it came back in the hands of its third owner who was stoked to be on the Airdrop hype train. We sorted him with some fresh decals but it’s still looking 👌 - So good to see one of those original 100 frames still going strong. - #airdropbikes #airdropedit #mtb at Sheffield

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