3 days ago

Hello awak , nak Adzrin cover lagu apa ni 🤔

31k 918
5 days ago

Goodnighttt HAHAHHAHA , Seghonokkk sia benda ni 🤣

18k 289
5 days ago

The cutest doctor 😝🥰 , thank you doctor . Dulu senget senget gigi ajerin ni tau , sekarang alhamdulillah senyum pun boleh dah nampak tomey tu 🤣 at Klinik Pergigian Nur'Ain

26k 146
5 days ago

Merdekaaaa big stageee happy semacammm weh 🤣 , but rinduu semuaa ❤️☺️ at Melaka

41k 360
6 days ago

Big thanks to @astrogempak production for giving me this opportunity. I feel so blessed and thankful to be part of #bigstage2019 🙏🏻❤️ . Not to forget @17elevenmusic , Thank you for the great hospitality that you gave to me throughout this competition. Stay tuned for next project, Insyaallah more to come ☺️ .

27k 263
7 days ago

Alhamdulillah, done for #bigstage2 . adzrin bangga sangat dapat buat mama happy ❤🙏🏻 . Berkat doa mama, adzrin sampai ke tahap ni. Big thanks to all my friends, family and especially my fans @adzrinations for voting me. Thank you juga sebab doakan adzrin , adzrin appreciate sangat sangat, tanpa korang mungkin adzrin tak sampai sejauh ni . Adzrin nak cakap thank you juga kat @cikgushafi , cikgu merupakan tulang belakang adzrin sebelum big stage lagi. Banyak sangat ilmu yang adzrin dapat dari cikguu ❤️☺️Sorry for not giving my best last night, I'll try my best to improve my singing skills in the future . Congratulations to other finalists too, @irfannharis @dindapermata174 @neetamanis and @onestarbyul , It was good time with you guys throughout this competition. I will miss each one of you guys. Adzrin doakan korang terus berjaya kat luar sana nanti ❤

64k 1k
10 days ago

Jangan lupa aku eh fan . Last soundcheck for today , bismillah 🤲🏻✨❤️

35k 202
11 days ago

Wish me luck for final ❤️ , bismillah 🤲🏻✨ #bigstage2019 #bigstage

32k 734
12 days ago

Big shoutout to my akak @amyleaazizan for her perfomance last sunday, I couldn’t have done it without you ❤️✨ and also abang @farouk_roman ,Thanks for #picisan . Ahad ni adzrin buat betul betul perform this song hehe 😝 #bigstage2019

21k 97
13 days ago

Honey honey one of the best catchy song ✨ , mana irfan punya honey ni 🤣

196k 36k 578
14 days ago

Alhamdulillah , thank you everyone sebab doakan and vote adzrin untuk masuk final. Thanks juga sebab vote adzrin untuk @vivo_malaysia BBNU Of The Week. It was a good night indeed ❤️🙏🏻 . I will give my best for final this sunday, Insyaallah ✨💙 . To @fieyajulia and @kucaimars , All the best in future, adzrin doakan korang terus berjaya dalam industri musik . I have full support for you guys ❤️🙏🏻

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