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4 days ago

Hey guys!! As you may know we have partnered with @blackforestUSA. When I heard what a priority our forests are to them, I knew it would be the perfect fit for us. We still need your help to hit our goal of planting 50,000 trees!!! If you haven’t already: 1) Visit @BlackForestUSA’s post from May 16th,  2) plant a “digital tree” by replying to the thread with 🐻❤️🌲.Let’s help plant some trees!!!!  #partner . In case you are needing more reasons to get involved, keep reading for some crazy cool facts on our forests and why they are so amazing: ●  Trees of the same species are communal and form alliances with trees of other species. ●  Forest trees communicate with each other via their root network, and scientists call it the “wood wide web” because they are so intelligent. ●  Trees share water and nutrients through their root networks and also use them to communicate; they can send distress signals to each other about insect attacks, or disease and other trees can change their behavior when they receive these messages.

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6 days ago

It's been rainy and dreary. Most of our climbing has been inside. Usually we freeze the gym around Feb/March... but we're still gym climbing hard! So we squeeze in as much outdoor time in as we can. Baby girl begged to go climbing and insisted on wearing her pink fish shirt from @tea_collection because it matched her pink harness and helmet. All the pink all the time😂😂 Oh and she asked me to share these unicorns with you too! 🦄🦄 #teacollection_partner #teacollection

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7 days ago

One of the things we always pack while outdoors are games. Sometimes these two even act like they like each other when they are playing 😂😂 That's why we are so excited for the new adventure game from @tinybigadventure !! PS they are doing a giveaway if your interested! 😘 Not sponsored just love them 💖💖 #adventuringwithkids #adventuregames

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11 days ago

Hey all my amazing adventure families!! In honor of #loveatreeday we have partnered with @blackforestUSA to help restore our nation’s forests. Black Forest is donating $50,000 to the National Forest Foundation, and will match the initial donation with the help of consumers. . We NEED your help!!!! It’s so easy to get involved!! Visit @blackforestUSA ‘s latest IG post and plant a digital tree by replying to the thread with 🐻❤️🌲 by the end of May! That’s it & Black Forest will add a tree on your behalf as part of its commitment to plant 50,000 trees with @nationalforests. The goal is to plant 100,000 trees in 2020! #sponsored

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13 days ago

Hammock days are the best days. Often we are in the desert where trees are scarce and we don't bring them. When we do this little sis is the happiest! We all have our own colorful fun ones... this girl hasn't quite grasped the concept of not leaning out of the hammocks and it's a lesson I fear shell learn the hard way😂😂 . Fun fact: When we camp, the boys always sleep in hammocks and the ladies sleep in our tent. It's so much easier to trap this little lady and the dog in🙈😂 #hammocktime #adventuringwithkids

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15 days ago

Happy Mamas day!!! How did you spend your morning? Breakfast made by the kids, sleeping in?? LMAO I'm the worst and get up.. laying around in wait makes me anxious.. but my kids love making meals and feel so big. With our @jackeryusa E240 it makes all our smoothie dreams come true💖💖 Full disclosure this pic WAS not from this morning 😂😂😂😂 #adventuringwithkids #mamas #jackery

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18 days ago

This girl is so fascinated in how things work. She was thrilled when daddy was showing her how to place gear. Maybe she'll be a trad climber!!! . Teaching our kids to climb has meant patience. We understand that sometimes they are not into it, and that's okay. I want them to love it. Not have it be something they were forced to do. . Somedays they are determined little kid crushers and other days they only want to play in the dirt. So our essential gear to pack for the crag always involves books, coloring books and games for them. . They don't have to climb, but we are headed to the crag and they do have to act appropriately. So being prepared for this is so important!! . What are your adventure essentials???? #tradisrad #kidswhoclimb #climbclimb at Utah

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21 days ago

It's so cool to see your kids get older. This dude is so capable and helpful. It's been amazing to see him learn and do hard things. I swear I just blinked though!! He was a baby!!! . He is in that stage where he is a little to worried what other people think.. ugh I remember that stage and constantly tell him it will pass. I only talk to 2 people that aren't family from his age. Lmao fingers crossed we survive 😂😂 #adventurefam #adventuringwithkids

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24 days ago

As a mama it's so easy to prioritize everything else over yourself. I was so guilty of this. For years. I didn't even know it. Until one day, I realized I had no hobbies for me. No passions. Everything revolved around my family and their needs. . I started slowly and started making myself just as much a priority as I did everyone else. It was so hard at first. My husband would literally push me out the door telling me to have fun... while I was playing that little game of.. "Oh maybe I dont want to go" . A few years on and I feel like an entirely different person. I have done so many cool things and met so many amazing ladies. It's still a work on progress, but that's okay. . So my question is.. if you read alllll that😂 What have you done for yourself lately? #adventuringwithkids #adventuremamas

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26 days ago

For my fam camping and climbing are our priorities. So we've really nailed our pack up. . We have managed to scale down and pack the bare minimum with a few items that just make it easier. We love our @jackeryusa E240 Portable Power Station. It makes it so easy to charge our phones so we can access Mountain Project and charge my camera for all the pics. 😂 . The biggest bonus is the little luxuries like the fun star light strand we plugged in the tent for the kids or the smoothies you can make while off grid. Check my stories for a discount code!! #sponsored #jackery #camplife

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28 days ago

My ladies💖 We headed to the desert. It was a quick trip but we had a great time! . We played in so much sand we came home a little bit gritty and red😂😂 What fun adventures did you get up to this weekend?? #adventuringwithkids #adventuredog at Planet Earth

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1 month ago

This girl is so excited to get out camping. Awhile back I shared her traumatic story and extreme anxiety. Whenever she sees us grab the gear totes she gets EXCITED!! Yes she is that red from the sand😂😂 . Also on a side note remember when I was all oh it's so easy we have totes... umm all the little things are what's rough to pack.. like toiletries, chargers, pillows.. remembering to water the plants, taking out the garbage, making sure we have road snacks and water bottles, dog leashes. Ya know all the small things. Whew.. but we are desert bound 🌵🌵🌵

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1 month ago

Eek. I'm so excited for the weekend. We are headed to my happy place!!Camping and getting off grid is so good for the soul! . We are pretty efficient at our camp packup. We have pre organized all our gear in totes so it's mostly grab and go.. depending on the activities we are doing and the vehicle we take. . My car gets pretty squished with 4 peeps, a dog and all the gear!! I'm wanting a luggage box.. do you have one?? Which do you love?? Are you team @thule or team @Yakimaracks?? #adventuringwithkids #adventurefam

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1 month ago

VIVA EARTH DAY! **GIVEAWAY** 🌎 The earth is not ours to inherit - it’s on loan from our children. If we want there to be anything left for them, we have to protect our planet and its animals by making better choices in our everyday life to reduce our waste and support companies and products that care about nature. There is no Planet B. 🌍 In honor of Earth Day, we are thrilled to team up for this giveaway with and some of our favorite outdoorsy Instagramming mamas, who all love nature and taking care of our planet! THREE lucky followers will win shoes for the family (2 pairs of kid and 2 pairs of adult shoes)! 🌏 To enter the giveaway, follow the directions below: 1. Like this photo & comment below with something you do to help the environment 2. Follow me & 3. For an additional entry, tag a friend in the comments! (one tag per comment, please) And if you REALLY want to win, click the image & enter the giveaway on the other participant’s feeds for even MORE chances to win! 🌎 Giveaway ends on 4/30 & the winners will be announced on 5/1. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Good luck and run wild! 🌏 #wildkids4wildlife #vivowildkids #runwildmychild #wildandbravelittles #sponsored

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1 month ago

Happy Birthday to this little firecracker!!! This girl is fierce, determined and so caring. She threw me for a loop being so independent from a young age. She cracks me up with all her jokes and hilarious questions daily. Lol and she has all the fashion sense and style I don't have 😂 this morning she insisted I wear lots of jewelry to be fancy enough for her day😂😂 . I'm so grateful to have this baby girl in my life. She pushes me to be more and want more. I can't wait to see all the things she accomplishes in her life!!! #adventuringwithkids #adventureparenting

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1 month ago

This kid. He made me a mama. I'm so proud of the amazing person he is. He is the kindest little soul and so sweet. . A few days ago he came home from school and told me there was an issue with another kid mocking him. Saying he had a lazy eye, calling him four eyes who then ripped his glasses off my child's face, bending them and then throwing them to the ground completely scratching them. . He was obviously upset and I'm upset for him. I'm upset that more people aren't doing a better job parenting and teaching kindness. I was so proud that despite the circumstances my child handled himself completely appropriately. . The world needs more kindness. I try hard to promote kindness and gratitude in my children. Every night I ask them: What is something kind you did for someone else? What are you grateful for? How do you promote kindness in your family? #adventuringwithkids #adventureparenting

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1 month ago

Is there anything better than when your kids are not only getting along but having the best time ever together?? Being outside, camping and getting off grid is so important to us. It is so easy to get caught up in distractions, and day to day crap that doesn't even matter. . Getting away from the screens and all the things really allows us to prioritize each other. The quality of time spent together is better without distractions. Plus waking up to a view like this?? Yes please! 🌵😍 #adventuringwithkids #adventureparenting at Somewhere in Utah

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2 months ago

It's National Pet Day!! Okay I rarely participate in National anything day.. WAY to many to keep track of! However this sweet girl deserves to he celebrated💖 . We got her as a puppy when our last Dane died unexpectedly and my children were devastated. The timing of the loss also coincided with moving into a new house. It was rough. . Zoe has been my hardest dog ever. Did you know dogs can have extreme anxiety and panic attacks to the point where the vets recomend prozac?? . I sure didn't. I wanted to try everything else first. We used trainers, doggy boot camp, an E-collar, Rescue Remedy, oils.. and it all kinda helped... but a giant dog running in circles, eyes glazed over pooping on the run was hard to deal with. . Our final straw was her last panic attack. She knocked over a chair and scared herself , pooped all over the walls and jumped through a window. It looked like a murder scene.😳 . We decided to do Prozac.. and it was a game changer. She wagged her tail for the 1st time and learned the world wasn't scary. I knew I didn't want to do it forever, but she didn't do well when we tried to wean her off.. until we started using CBD oil for her. It works even better without the side effects and only given as needed. . Now, she is still a nervous pup but no panic attacks in 3 years and she is so well behaved.. unless you leave a loaf of bread unattended on the counter😂 . The outdoors is her happy place. So much so that she acts like an entirely different dog. We call it camping Zoe😂😂 Sometimes the best things are the most work💖💖 #adventuredog #greatdaneproblems at Somewhere in Utah

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