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7 days ago

There is nothing more to say other than the beauty of this backdrop🕌🌅. What was the last place you visited that took your breath away? Drop your places below so I can check them out! at Templo de Debod

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27 days ago

When your phone is acting up so this is your caption🙈🌗. Who else needs a new cellular device? at Madrid, Spain

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28 days ago

My life isn’t perfect, but this Bloody Mary sure was! at Madrid, Spain

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2 months ago

Today is #tet, which means it’s Vietnamese New Year! It is the most celebrated holiday in Vietnam. It’s also Chinese New Years too! As a Vietnamese American, I grew up celebrating by bringing fruit, rice cakes, and sweet asian treats to my aunts, uncles, and grandparents! Traditionally, we also clean our house to bring in the new year. All of this to prepare for a year full of joy, and prosperity! The color red also brings good luck, and even better when red envelopes are received from our elders/family (which has money in it)❤️☺️. Double tap to crushing our dreams! Best wishes to an amazing 2019! at Bled, Slovenia

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2 months ago

Portrait photos 📸: @s_hoa___a and the unbelievable landscape photos were taken by 🙋🏻‍♀️. Tbh, it’s just a beautiful place. I will return in the summer to visit sometime. Who is down for a swim?

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2 months ago

GOT vibes❄️.

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2 months ago

I’ve been excited to share my travel photos from my winter trip with you guys. Took a little media break from posting, but stay tuned because I’ll be spamming now:). It’s crazy to think about how fast things can change in a blink of an eye. The morning before this picture, I had booked a 5:45 am bus. Online, the reviews mentioned how late the buses were. I figured as long as I get there by 5:45 I’ll be ok. I got there at 5:45 and the bus left 😭. I was determined to get on the next available bus because I wanted to see this lake. I went to the ticket office near by and the receptionist said all the tickets were booked. I didn’t let that stop me so I looked for other options. I asked her if there was anyway I could get on the next bus, and she said to talk to the driver to see if they can squeeze me in. So I waited about two hours in the cold, going in and out of the office. I didn’t know if there were seats available, but hey my persistence paid off. I made it😂. Moral of this post, if you want something get out and make it happen (even if the outcome is slim). Chances are you might get what you asked for. Happy 2019! 📸: @s_hoa___a at Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera / Plitvice Lakes National Park

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2 months ago

Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a time warp, but good thing it’s not forever because I cannot afford it⚙️! at Muzej Iluzija

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2 months ago

Museum of Illusions in Zagreb! Comment 😯 below if you want to see it for yourself! at Muzej Iluzija

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3 months ago

When your friend from Bosnia lends you her faux coat and you feel like @macklemore in “Thiftshop”😎. “This is freaking awesome.” at Zagreb, Croatia

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3 months ago

I’m happy chomping on this burger in Zagreb🤩. Happy new year and safe travels to my adventurers! Where is everyone celebrating 2019 at? at Swanky Monkey Garden

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3 months ago

Kob (Hello) from Zagreb, Croatia, the capital city! ☺️. Today was an eventful day. The atm ate my card, I dropped my creme brûlée, which I meant to give to a random employee at the airport. My flight was delayed, but the sweet lady at the check in desk put me on the fast track lane to help me make my connecting flight. I had lots of leg space in my seat. I sat next to a couple, who are soon to be retired lawyers. They travel the world to capture pictures for their art gallery. The tram/bus rides were free in Croatia upon my arrival because it’s the weekend! How awesome! At my hostel, I met two amazing girls who both spoke Croatian. I took a long nap to catch up on my sleep after landing. Then the girls and I chatted, and we all hugged each other and we hung out ❤️. Europe never fails with the Christmas decor! How beautiful are these lights? We went to the Christmas market for a domaće kobasice (locally made dry sausage). It was topped off with sauerkraut and mustard and it was delicious! Not to mention things are pretty affordable here! So much love. Thank you to friends and family who sent me their best wishes🙏. I am safe and well. Love, Anny. at Marićev prolaz

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4 months ago

Bottle service anyone😂? Grateful for the beautiful gifts given in my life. Here is a celebration recap. I’m a happy gal to see everyone who could make it❤️. Love you all! at Capitol Hill (Seattle)

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4 months ago

Learning to celebrate oneself is an art. Some people got it down, but it takes a whole lot of patience, love, & dedication to be one of value. At least for me that is. Strive to be the heart of gold. The world needs more of it. Today, I’m golden, & thank you for the golden birthday wishes🙏❤️💛🌟. at Capitol Hill

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4 months ago

I’ve learned something this year that I wanted to share with you guys! It’s BANANAS! Did you know that bananas are considered to be fruits & berries? Because they don’t grow on trees, similar to berries, bananas, are developed from a flower, or a large herb from a single ovary🍌. It’s b-errrrryy bananas🙃. at MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM SAN FRANCISCO

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