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2 months ago

If you feel like you can’t make your Advanced Selfie oroginal enough, you need to check out @drishtivermaa. She takes simple portraits and makes them pieces of art like this one here and shows you the progress of how she gets from point A to point B. ⠀ I adore people who can manipulate their images like this. A huge new level of storytelling and art creation. ⠀ I always say editing is an enormous part of the creative process. Without editing, it’s like giving the singer the ability to sing but not add any beat to their song. Learn the skill of photoshop and Lightroom. ⠀ Have you mastered editing yet? What are the biggest problems you have around editing? ⠀ If you want to be featured, continue tagging @advanced.selfie #AdvancedSelfie on your photos! ⠀ ⠀ #AdvancedSelfie #SelfPortrait #PortraitPhotography #Portrait #Photography #Selfie

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3 months ago

When you see perfection of an Advanced Selfie and your jaw drops. This is a flawless piece created by the winner of the January Challenge of ‘Simple Portrait’ I hosted with the members of the Advanced Selfie University. ⠀ One of my favourite things about this photo from @christinesmeyers is the behind the scenes set up. ⠀ “This portrait was taken in my bedroom —after shoving all my furniture to one side— with my camera stacked on top of a good amount of books because my tripod broke down just minutes before taking this shot. My only light source was a window. Just a quick reminder that your creative process is so much more important than any expensive gear! Keep on creating, keep on doing you!” ⠀ Couldn’t have said it better myself. @christinesmeyers has won a 30 minute consult with me! 🤗 ⠀ If you would like to participate in February’s challenge for your chance to win, make sure to sign up to the University using the link in the bio! ⠀ And as always, if you want to be featured, keep tagging @advanced.selfie #AdvancedSelfie. ⠀ Love, @sorelleamore ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #SimplePortrait #SelfPortrait #Portrait #PortraitPhotography #AdvancedSelfie

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3 months ago

When it appears like there’s no chance ever that a photo could be a self-portrait, that’s when you know you’ve nailed it. ⠀ @ashlynkennnedy - you’re an absolute star. The beautiful leading lines (ladders) pointing to you, the top down angle, your hair nicely laid out, the colour grading. I’m in awe. Well done lady! ⠀ Let’s put it to the ultimate test. Who wishes they could go here and experience this space too? ⠀ Keep tagging #AdvancedSelfie @advanced.selfie to be featured! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #AdvancedSelfie #SelfPortrait #PortraitPhotography #Portrait #SorelleAmore at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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3 months ago

It’s finally here! The very first feature of an Advanced Selfie on the official @advanced.selfie page! ⠀ Congratulations @vonschnecki! I chose to feature this photograph because of its simplicity, excellent colour grading and no one for sure would ever expect this to be an Advanced Selfie! ⠀ I adore the artistic expression here - the pose, the styling, the story behind the photo. In my books - a totally flawless Advanced Selfie. ⠀ What do you think? What’s your favourite part of this photo? ⠀ Keep tagging your photos with @advanced.selfie #AdvancedSelfie to be featured! ⠀ Love always, ⠀ Auntie @sorelleamore ⠀ ⠀ #AdvancedSelfie #SelfPortrait #Portrait #PortraitPhotography #Portraits

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3 months ago

The Advanced Selfie was born when a normal term like self-portrait or selfie just didn’t encompass the effort, high fashion and fancy levels that were being produced in the photograph. ⠀ Here is @sorelleamore - aka me - the one that created this concept which is going wild online. ⠀ It started as a joke, but I soon realized how it helped people to get great photos of themselves in a picture perfect curated online world. My aim was to help people level out the playing field amongst them and instagrammers/models. Fair is fair. ⠀ And so Advanced Selfie University was born soon after, now with thousands of students learning the art of the flawless capture. ⠀ Thanks all in your support of me, but more importantly support of yourselves. Sure, feeling beautiful might not be the most important thing in the world, but we all know we slay so much more when our confidence is high. ⠀ So hashtag away my precious ones with #AdvancedSelfie and hopefully your face will end up on this feed for the world to see 🤞🏻 ⠀ ⠀ #AdvancedSelfie #PortraitPhotography #SelfPortrait #SelfPortraitPhotography #Photography at Iceland

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