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9 days ago

“From Heart to Heart”​ ​ Alli Simon (@omgirlalli) guides you through steps of forgiveness, love and gentleness in this empowering self-love meditation. ​ Through actions and thoughts of self-love, self-care and self- awareness, we find deep compassion for ourselves and then for others. The more compassion we feel, the more gratitude arises, and as more gratitude arises, the more compassion gets created. ​ ​ Alli is a yogi and meditation teacher from LA, bringing you a series of guided meditations to the adidas women IGTV channel.​ ​ #adidasWanderlust #GuidedMeditation #yoga #mindfulness

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10 days ago

Avery, Tie, Sinikiwe and Abi explore how their practise allows them to get closer to themselves. “When I finally found yoga and this spirituality and this connection to myself, it was just like a world opened up to me, something that I had never seen before and I wanted to devote my life to it.” - Tie ​ .​ Explore the Self + Spirit topic via​ .​ Photo by @emilyknecht​ Video by @erynncpatrick Podcast by @stancepodcast ​ .​ #adidasWanderlust #yoga #mindfulness

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1 month ago

Avery, Sinikiwe, Tie and Abi share their stories of connecting with people in their environment. . Avery is working to make her queer trans community yoga project a space that can also welcome transgender Mexican asylum seekers. Sinikiwe is helping children step away from the everyday noise and providing people of color with the tools of yoga and meditation through Tie has set out to create @sistersofyoga, a community for women of color, championing mindfulness and representation, while Abi founded @supply_yoga, a space to nurture, heal and practice connection. . Learn more at . Photo by @emilyknecht Video by @erynncpatrick Podcast by @stancepodcast #adidasWanderlust #yoga #mindfulness

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1 month ago

What if the plastic products we use, we never throw away? Introducing Futurecraft LOOP, our first sports shoe that’s made to be remade. . Learn more at . #Futurecraft

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2 months ago

When you are a professional dancer, the way you move is the way you express yourself. . Meet @mettenarrative, professional dancer and creative power putting Primeknit through the ultimate motion test. . Swipe to shop. 👉 . #PRIMEKNIT #HereToCreate

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2 months ago

“One of the greatest points of inspiration was to really create a bra from the inside out and be able to build the infrastructure to create support as well as comfort for every female athlete.” - Clair Wallace, athlete, creative and Design Director at adidas Women . Tap to shop. . #PRIMEKNIT #HereToCreate @mettenarrative

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