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@adenace  Visual Artist Vancouver, Canada 📍 Keep the stoke alive 🤙🏻 ✈️ - California April 17-22 - Iceland May. 17-26

2 days ago

A boardwalk leading into the lush forests of Vancouver, through the trees & into a place filled with peace & quiet at Vancouver, British Columbia

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3 days ago

What would you like to see more of ? Portraits, lifestyle ? Etc ... I am getting bored with just taking nature photos, having a subject matter such as a person is much more fun and pushes me creatively. Maybe I should drop a video soon ! I want to hear your thoughts ! at Chilliwack, British Columbia

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4 days ago

A few weeks ago we picked our bags and braved the cold winter of the Canadian Rockies. Seeing little to no people around while driving, we just came up to one of the last summits. As we approached the top we saw a bunch of little specs crawling up the cliff, it’s so amazing watching these guys climb up the frozen waterfalls. @michaelihenderson stepped out of the car for only a brisk moment as it was very windy, took a few photos & wished we were in the right state of mind & had the right equipment to go climbing! As we didn’t it leaves us with another adventure to come down the road ! at Icefields Parkway, Banff, Alberta, Canada

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8 days ago

Modern day architecture blows my mind but yet it’s the old rustic things that really draws my attention. I’m a big fan of old cabins and rustic things. What’s your take ?

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9 days ago

Scrambling up a mountain at 4am after driving 8 hours non stop listening to @amateurpnwbabe sing is always a good idea if you’re rewarded with views like this ! Collaborated with @cole.lundberg on this edit ! at Banff, Alberta

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11 days ago

This photo, this place never gets old! Posting another just average shot that everyone has seen. But this place is too damn good not too 🤷🏻‍♂️ at Banff, Alberta

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16 days ago

Lucky to call this place home, as the clouds lifted this heavily light lit up the clouds showing us just the peaks of the mountains just beyond the clouds... after two hours around a fire and pure cloud where you couldn’t even see 100 feet in front of you this was sure some treat. @enesbeck & I took advantage of this to shoot some portraits and by far was this my favourite portrait session I had in a while. Nothing to do with work just all fun and creative. at Chilliwack, British Columbia

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17 days ago

Driving through the night to end up on a beach the next morning, to find some local surfers full sending into the freezing waters in freezing temperatures. #fullsendornosend at La Push, Washington

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19 days ago

Endless blacksand beaches. So stoked to be headed back here this year again with the homies at Iceland

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20 days ago

One of my favourite experiences, hanging out of a helicopter with 100mph winds in your face. The adrenaline makes me feel alive and the photos make me feel even better. Stoked on life... what gets you amped up? at British Columbia

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25 days ago

When the mountains glacier water actually looks like Gatorade, to be 100% honest the water has no edit on it and in fact this photos only edit is an increase in shadows and exposure. One of the most natural photos I’ve ever shared. This day was truly amazing. at Yoho National Park

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27 days ago

After driving around for hours without seeing any signs of life, no people, no animals.. this guy came out of the bushes just as we pulled over for a bathroom break. I was the only one who showed interest to take any photos while my buds had a leak this guy stared them down the whole time, so I guess it was a team effort. at Jasper, Alberta

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28 days ago

A massive waterfall, with no a soul in site. Nice to enjoy these places with the people I care about and only the people I care about! at Clearwater, British Columbia

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