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Imparting “wisdom”. Delighted to be invited back to @buckinghampalaceroyal to present @dofeuk Gold Awards yesterday. Amazing to meet so many dedicated people who’ve put years of effort into giving back, working extra hours and taking on tough physical challenges. Given I only have my bronze award, I always feel a bit of a fraud sharing my life lessons (word lessons is loose here.) But amazing to get to meet HRH Princess Anne and talk about #Burma, a country she holds a lot of affection for. Real highlight was meeting fellow presenter Chris Tarrant, who I hugged in Tesco on my 18th birthday. When I reminded him of his he a) didn’t remember, b) was slightly creeped out, c) moved on quickly to talk to the #gameofthrones actress. Can’t win ‘em all. #gold #palace #dofe #dofegold #london #sunshine #gardens #buckinghampalace #inspired #getoutside at Buckingham Palace

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It’s #ForgottenAllies voiceover time! Finishing touches before the world premiere @nam_london on June 12th (ticket link in my bio!) The film is all about unsung heroes, and we’re damn proud of it. But my unsung hero is sat there on the other side of the glass. Rebecca Dobbs was our Exec Producer on #WeWereKings, and is now helping out with this next labour of love from @grammarproductions. Rebecca gave me the time of day when I foolishly said I wanted to make a #documentary back in 2013. Incredible since I had no background in film, and not a clue what I was doing. Since then she’s scooped me out of trouble and saved my ass more times than I can count. And she still complains when I try and buy her a cuppa. She’s always there when I need her, just like yesterday when she came to direct me. She’s been doing this job for decades, she’s won buckets of awards and put out hundred of hours of incredible TV for the @bbc with her partner Michael Wood. But still she gives up her Friday to come and take care of this muppet. And when we sit down after to talk about life as a #filmmaker, her eyes still sparkle and she still bounces in her seat when she remembers projects she’s done and what she’s working on now. That’s a hero right there. When you find ‘em, keep hold. #hero #mentor #careergoals #film #tv #history #historydocumentary #premiere #london #ww2 #asia #burma #myanmar #army #forgotten #lestweforget at Aquarium Studios

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I said goodbye to a friend today. The last time I saw Vic, we’d shared a can of Boddingtons in the sun on board his boat on the Thames, and talked about WW2. His memory was incredible, and his war stories always self-deprecating and funny. Like the time his diary took a bullet that should have gone through his skull. But he had the ability to floor you, when he’d recall a moment of utter terror and misery in the jungles of #Burma, and roundly condemn anyone who talked about glory in war. Leaving us at 94, he lived a long and happy life. The church was packed to the rafters with friends and family, and tears were flowing. As Frank Sinatra played at the end, you couldn’t deny this was a man who lived life on his own terms and to the fullest. I’ll never forget him stealing the show at our Forgotten Allies dinner last year while being interviewed by @levison.wood. He was a true pro in the spotlight when talking about the war, the @bbc called him “One Take Knibb”. The day I got the message telling me he’d passed away was the same day I’d planned to call him to fix a time to visit. I’d wanted to show him a cut of the film he’d kindly appeared in. I’ll never get the chance to show him now, but all of us at @grammarproductions can feel happy and proud that Forgotten Allies will be a tribute to you, Vic. You’ll be badly missed. I’ll raise a Boddingtons to you tonight sir. #WW2 #veteran #burmastar #history #lestweforget at Hampton Court Palace

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"Holland has performed a signal service for all the men who fought – and died – in its defence." @telegraph in praise of 'Burma '44' by James Holland. ⠀ ⠀ Join James at Hatchards bookstore on March 21st for a masterclass in #WW2 #Burma #history. ⠀ ⠀ Tickets 👉 see link in bio. at Hatchards

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"WW2 is one of the most written-about episodes in all world history. Yet, astonishingly, 'The Raj at War' breaks new ground on almost every page." William Dalrymple in praise of Dr Yasmin Khan.⠀ ⠀ Join her at at Hatchards on March 21 for a #Burma #WW2 #history masterclass ⠀ ⠀ Tickets 👉 link in bio

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The smile of a soldier, remembered at last. This is Saw Ah Bay from Karen State, #Burma. Now in his 90s, he’s just received his first ever grant from the brilliant team at Help4ForgottenAllies. He earned that grant more than 70 years ago, by choosing to fight for Britain in #WW2 in a brutal war against the Japanese. It’s taken more than seven decades for that act of selfless bravery to be recognised. The money will be a huge help, no doubt. But I know from working with this wonderful little charity - run entirely by volunteers - that the greater gift the money represents is that of recognition and gratitude from the people of Britain. That’s something money cannot buy. Delighted to have just been invited to be a trustee of this wonderful charity, looking forward to doing everything I can to help them find these old soldiers, before it’s too late. If you’d like to know more, our film, #ForgottenAllies, will be launched very soon. Watch this space! #veterans #history #lestweforget #rememberance #worldwartwo #militaryhistory #charity #myanmar #karenstate #burmacampaign #inspire #grateful #film #documentary #comingsoon

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