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2 days ago

& all we can do is post on social media? Where do we take this anger? Deeply saddened after hearing abt the blast in #Pulwama, #jammukashmir in which are brave #CRPF Jawans have been martyred. My heartfelt prayers with the bereaved families & hope our injured Jawans recover soon #PulawamaTerrorAttack #pulwamaterrorattack I feel numb!!! Unforgivable unforgettable !!!!

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7 days ago

When you look into the mirror.. Its not just your physical face that you look at... not just your eyes, nose, lips, etc.. you see the person within.. the lives you’ve touched with your presence ... you miss seeing the people that have smiled because of you... Even all the battles you fought.. big and small ... the difficulties you over came... are completely invisible. So believe me when I say this to you.. you are not just your reflection of ur physical features but a whole package... complex , wonderful and brilliant... which the mirror doesn’t have the ability to show... Its only showing one tree in the forest, one star in the galaxy, or one grain of sand on the beach.. and YOU are so muchhh more than that.. You are an abundant being!! Realise that and reflect that till you see the beauty of who you really are in your eyes when you stare into the mirror - so that others can feel your soul too... eventually... #quotes #aartaoseries

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9 days ago

Dont mistake a sunrise for a sunset... In every negative situation, you will later learn two things.. 1) that it was the besttttt thing to have happened 2) it was the reason something amazingly better was waiting for you... that YOU probably couldn’t see at that point!!! . Just a matter of time - so never loose hope! Keep you head held high and keep moving! Keep believing! Keep affirming! And see life unfold! #sunrise #sunsets #quotes #motivationalquotes #motivation #aartaoseries #love #inspiration

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9 days ago

In character, in manner, in style, on all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.. 🧚‍♀️ #quotes

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9 days ago

Did you sweat it out today?? Stop being lazy!! Get up and go to the gymn!!! #nomakeup #raw

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10 days ago

There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it ✨

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15 days ago

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16 days ago

Helloooooo Wonderful people!!! Its - #friyay already and 1 sttt of Feb! Heres wishing u all a kickass #February Lotssss of ❤️ ~ Aarti 🧚‍♀️

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