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@_welcometomygarden_  Urban gardener in South Australia learning as I go. Sharing my obsession with plants and my growing garden. 🌱 fruit 🌱 veggies 🌱 flowers 🌱 herbs

10 days ago

S T R A W B E R R I E S ❀️ Autumn strawbs beginning to ripen! Yum πŸ˜‹ at Adelaide, South Australia

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17 days ago

T O M A T O & B A S I L πŸ…πŸŒΏ Best buds! Is there a better combination? These little yellow tomatoes have served us well. They’re so small and sweet and such great producers! πŸ’› at Adelaide, South Australia

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18 days ago

C H I L L I E S 🌢🌢🌢 Cayenne peppers have been doing really well with zero maintenance this year! The hot summer and autumn has given us plenty of Chillies! My husband has been drying them on our windowsill to keep us going through the colder months! ❀️ at Adelaide, South Australia

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30 days ago

F L O W E R S Dahlia | Rose A collection of Autumn Flowers from my garden πŸ’— at Adelaide, South Australia

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1 month ago

D A H L I A πŸ’— Drool worthy Dahlias πŸ‘Œ this is my first time growing them and I am obsessed 😍 I will be planting many more varieties next year! at Adelaide, South Australia

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1 month ago

C A P S I C U M 🌱 Mini chocolate capsicums. Super easy to grow only low maintenance plant have survived in my garden this summer β˜€οΈ Now that my little man is getting bigger and the weather is cooling we are spending more time in the garden.. I’ve missed it! at Adelaide, South Australia

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2 months ago

G A R L I C C H I V E S πŸ’š In between nappy changes, naps, cuddles and my new role of motherhood I have been admiring these dainty chive flowers. at Adelaide, South Australia

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3 months ago

T O M A T O E S πŸ… This mornings tomato collection! Growing 5 different varieties in my garden 3 of which were collected this morning ❀️ Bruschetta for brunch for sure! at Adelaide, South Australia

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3 months ago

S U N F L O W E R πŸ’› Sunflowers are in bloom! Such a happy flower 😍 at Adelaide, South Australia

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3 months ago

P A S S I O N F R U I T πŸ’› It’s raining Passionfruit! Finding these perfectly ripe Passionfruit daily. Passionfruit tastes like summer 🀀 at Adelaide, South Australia

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3 months ago

H A R V E S T 🌿 Strawberries | Leek | Tomatoes | Passionfruit | Chillies | Capsicums | Basil Harvest of homegrown summer fruit and veg. Everything is starting to ripen in this hot weather. Hoping the garden doesn’t struggle too much with this weeks heat wave πŸ₯΅ at Adelaide, South Australia

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3 months ago

H A R V E S T β€οΈπŸ’› Summer pickings of juicy strawbs and tiny tomatoes 😍 at Adelaide, South Australia

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4 months ago

L E E K S Leeks are in flower and the bees are loving them as much as I am 😍 at Adelaide, South Australia

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4 months ago

G A R D E N B E D 🌿 So much growth in this space over the past 2 months. My lemon tree has come back to life! Leeks are in flower and the bees are loving them 🐝 Rainbow Chard went to flower so I have removed the majority of these and some new editions against the back fence are Sunflowers and Dahlias.. can’t wait for them to bloom. Hopefully the garden holds up ok over the next week of extreme heat πŸ₯΅ at Adelaide, South Australia

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4 months ago

H A R V E S T 🌿 Basil | Lemons | Raspberries | Tomato Summer harvest πŸ’š Our first lemons and first Tomato of the season! Many more to come πŸ™Œ at Adelaide, South Australia

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4 months ago

A G A P A N T H U S 🐝 Agapanthus makes it feel like Christmas. Love this time of year ❀️ at Adelaide, South Australia

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