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Moving to Idaho just keeps getting better. Your environment has SO MUCH to do with your success. - I’ve done well financially, but I gotta admit I have not put myself in the right place when it comes to surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs, top level business owners, and influential people. - Where I come from is the classic American Mediocrity; people enable others rather than help solve problems, politics are so far to the left it’s crazy, there’s graffiti everywhere, gangs, drug problems, and garbage. - What I’ve found in Idaho is adventure, entrepreneurship, clarity, cleanliness, hustle, political intelligence, and people that are dangerously good at business.... Not to mention the amazing scenery. Like right now we are in Sun Valley and @schwarzenegger is in town (or so it appears since his Hummer has been seen) what an honor it would be to just shake his hand and ask him just one question; “what is the best advice you could give to the millennial generation?” - It’s been a blessing fam. I encourage you to really think about the things you choose to spend your time on, the people you choose to hang around, and the things you put your faith in. - Are they making you better or worse? Can anything you do be automated, delegated, or eliminated? - We should always be in the constant pursuance of becoming consistently better; better at life, better at relationships, better with money, better with time. - #relationships #sunvalley #bebetter #domore #dobetter #keepgoing #keepimproving #keepthefaith #raiseyourbar #raiseyourstandards at Sun Valley, Idaho

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Tom was born in 1931, he grew up on a Farm in Minnesota. - He fought in the Korean War and came back home to get a degree from the Dunwoody Academy in Auto Electric. - Often times he would have tasks such as rewiring entire cars that had caught on fire 🔥. - In the 1980s he started a company called Perfectest Solutions which designed a revolutionary tool that allowed printed circuit boards📱in the very cell phone that you’re using to read this to be much smaller. - He would later sell this tool to companies like Sony and Samsung and went on to design the world’s first flat screen technology which McDonalds would later use. - In 2006 I was at a tractor show of all things and I saw an old man trip and fall; his name was Tom Paur. - He and I instantly hit it off with our similar interests in old machinery, hot rods, and engines. - From 13 all the way until I was 21 Tom would be my mentor and the closest thing I had to a grandpa. - As I got older I got “busy” and only saw Tom once in awhile (despite him living 2 miles away). - One day I tried calling him and he didn’t answer. I thought this strange. Later that day I checked my email and found an email from his daughter saying that he had died. - Jen proceeded to tell me what had happened and also that he had willed me all of his antiques (engines, things he had restored, and even the 1931 John Deere tractor that he grew up farming with) - I wouldn’t be writing this to you today if it weren’t for Tom. He taught me to really develop a deep understanding for anything that I set my mind to. Tom taught me to be as knowledgeable as possible. - I can’t even imagine where I’d be if I’d been able to pick his brain just a little bit more. - Find an old person and make friends. - #friendship #mentorship #haveamentor #bekind #inspiresomeone

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We froze our butts off on this ATV 😱 Comment the first emoji that comes to your mind 👇 Best emoji wins a special prize 🏆 🤫 Not telling you what it is yet (but you’ll love it) ❤️ - #atv #snowy #itssnowing #campfire #mountains #adventures at Idaho

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Me and @lifebythor told you we were going to do something BIG... - Thor and I have been locked away in the studio (when we weren’t playing with the ATV lol) putting all of this together for you guys! He hopped on a plane 🛩 all the way from Norway🇳🇴to do this with me, But this👇... - Can you believe it, a 19 year old kid from Norway who makes $15K/mo with social media? - And me? I am just a ginger from an island 🏝 that no one has ever heard of using social media to make millions. - I guess it just goes to show you that college 👩‍🎓 really isn't the only option and you don't need to go into debt over your education; I mean hey, we are living proof of this! - Thor joined Millionaire Mafia two years ago, almost to the day actually and now travels the world and teaches people how to make money with social media. - When I pulled him out of his glamourous travels and said, "hey, do you want to quit traveling and spend like the next 400 hours of your life with me planning and putting together a MASSIVE free training to teach everyone how to succeed with social media?'.....he naturally said yes 😂 - So here we are, having almost completed our free training where we are going to be teaching you how to make $10,000-$50,000 EVERY single month using social media (you know; like Facebook👥, YouTube📺...things like that). - Now I know what you are thinking; isn't it going to cost me a fortune Ben?...NOPE!...These are all free strategies that Thor and I have used to scale to 7-figures....and we are going to be teaching YOU all of this for free! - Comment "ATV”👇 below if you want access. - Absolutely EVERYONE should be commenting right now and be extremely excited for this live training that we will be doing with you! - What are you waiting for? You like money💸, don't you? - Comment "ATV”👇 below and we will send you the link!!!! - Wohoooooo!!!! - #internetentrepreneurs #ATV #ATVing #mountains # #mountainous #internetluxury #bestbros #meridianidaho #meridian

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You gotta admit 🍑 , it's quite addicting and an incredibly satisfying feeling to have multiple commas in the bank account 🏦🤪 - Here's the problem though; Over the last 25 years most of you have lost over 2% per year by leaving your money in the bank. Did you realize that?🤔 - Even if you are not spending money you are actually losing it in the bank. - So what I personally recommend is that you only keep money in the bank if you are stock piling it prior to actually investing in something that is going to allow you to create residual and multiply your income 📈. - The standard savings account has a 0.9% APR while the average rate of inflation over the last 25 years is 2.27%. So what this actually means is that if you are listening to mommy and daddy about saving your money, your financial advisor (who doesn't even make $100K/yr), or anyone else telling you to "save your money," then you are losing 1.37% per year... - ‼️ONLY SAVE YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK IF IT IS MAKING YOU MONEY. ONLY PUT MONEY IN THE BANK AS A MEANS OF STOCKPILING TO LATER INVEST‼️. - You need to be saving with a minimum of a 3% annual return; this will allow you to maintain and not actually lose money to inflation. - A big ass 🍑 bank account is great, but be smart about your big account. - #peach #bankaccount #bootyfordays #financial #lifethoughts #saveyourmoney #savingsaccount

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Do you like when people steal from you?...That’s what is happening to you right now. Are you doing anything about it? 💰 - Actually, go ahead and tell me I’m the comments, how much do you typically save each month? No wrong answer; just tell the truth, we ain’t judging here🙏👇👇 - Inflation is taking your money everyday. Now some of you don’t think it’s a big deal, some of you will ignore this, but a few of you are going to think, “shit, he is right and I need to do something about it RIGHT NOW.”😮😮 - I don’t want you guys to lose anymore, I don’t want you to listen to the voice of mediocrity telling you to “save your money.”...truth is you’re losing it while you’re watching this video. - At first it won’t be much, but a year, two years, five years from now when you still don’t have your 💵 right you’re going to feel real sorry for yourself. - Put money in the 🏦 only as a means of stockpiling while you wait to build up the capital for your residual vehicle. - Don’t save at any less than 3%/yr. - #challengeyourself #stanwood #camano #investingtips #investingtoday #knowledgeisthenewmoney #moneyislife

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We decided to take a drive to the middle of nowhere where we proceeded to... 1) freeze our asses🍑 off 2) Almost get stuck in the snow ❄️ And 3) start a fire to keep said asses warm 🔥 - Over the next several months Thor and I will be unleashing some of the best money making secrets and success strategies that the industry has seen. - In the recording studio right now currently working on this for you 🙏 - See you soon 👌 - #work #fires #owyhees #vikings #theviking #desert #nofilter #vscocamphotos #norwegian #norway #redheads

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The biggest let down that our parents and teachers neglect to instill in us is success. - They have this very contorted perception of what success is. Success is having choices, freedom, opportunity, time, and financial prosperity. Success is being happy, loving your life, and having no peace of mind. - None of these things are taught in school. For fucks sake, they don’t even teach you HOW to they actually don’t even realize that you literally can train your brain to learn languages faster, memorize statistics with ease, and create a memory that produces income out of its knowledge. They just don’t get it. - So please, reconsider your college degree, reconsider the useless debt, and reconsider what it is that you’re doing. - Will school give you what you want out of life? And if not, ask yourself what will, seek it, and get it. - #school #seekinglife #seekhappiness #seekfaith #findyourself #business #finances #prosperity

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I was 21 and selling Hyundai’s 🚙 - That was my college. I didn’t go to college but the 4 years I spent in sales taught me more than any marketing degree or professor could have. - If you want to start your own business and STAY in business you need to go into pure, RAW sales. - There’s no better way; cars, boats, motorcycles, real estate. - I’m not talking about your cute little mall kiosks; I’m talking SALESSSS!!! - Get your face bashed in a bit, compete for customers, get on the phone, get used to rejection. - Don’t stop until you’d make the best Jehovah’s witness door to door 🚪sales guy 😂...but seriously. - And if you’re going to go online, then it’s even more important that you know how to communicate, build value, give an excellent sales presentation, and close deals... - Because now that the client can’t necessarily see you or hear you it’s a whole other level of selling. - Spend a few years in sales, and if you make it THEN start your own business. - As my sales manager used to say to me, “don’t put the cart before the horse, just keep loading that wagon...”....which made me extremely irritated cause he was such a smart ass about it 😂😂😂 but he was right - Load the wagon, get all your tools, sharpen them, then go take over the world in your business 💪 - #sales #carsales #marketing #rejection #workingharder #workingsmart #startingabusiness #gettough #geteducated #startlearning #committoexcellence

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...confession time😞 775 days ago I would have just finished my best month on Instagram. I would have tallied up over $59K (the Ben in the first 3 pics didn’t know this though). - I remember all the nights that turned into days; the times where I was sleeping just 2 hours, I remember how many “friends” left because I had “changed.” - No one believed in me, no one understood what I was doing; at times I don’t even think I did. - I am here to tell you though, and this income clearly proves it; that if you focus on becoming extremely good at ONE thing it will indefinitely pay off. - It was a struggle; I endured 100+ hr weeks dedicated to trying to figure this out. I second guessed myself when I saw people younger than me that appeared no smarter who were getting to 100K followers quicker than I was... - My first triumph of success was back in July of 2016. A guy named David messaged me and offered to pay me $27 to post his picture on my Instagram. The next 3 months were full of the constant want to repeat that success. It was also the most depressing time in my life. It literally became unhealthy for me to work. I couldn’t believe how painful that was; literally the mere act of putting on my suit and going made me sick. So I quit. And the money started stacking up. My biggest issue then was that I had made so much money that PayPal shut me I had to get several merchant accounts. - ✅ I’ve done consulting and been paid up to $6K per month by a single client. ✅ I’ve flipped Instagram accounts for profit. ✅ I’ve been handsomely paid to teach others. ✅ I’ve done paid campaigns/marketing promos. ✅ Built 7-8 figure brands on Instagram. ✅ Made high ticket affiliate commissions totaling over $7,000 in a single day The opportunities are endless my friends. Steps to get started: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 1) COMMIT TO LEARNING HOW THE ALGORITHM WORKS: If you actually understand how Instagram works than you can reverse engineer the algorithm to work for you - 2) ASK BEN FOR HELP: Every single one of you guys that truly wants to learn and succeed RIGHT NOW just ASK ME!! Just ask for help in the comments 👇👇 and I will reach out to you personally.

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There are many opportunities for you to take advantage of; apps to be built, problems to be solved, or even real estate to be invested in. - Don’t think so main stream! We live in a world where it’s “do 10 hours, get paid $100.” Look, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive, but please start to educate yourself in making money moves and putting yourself in a winner’s position 🏆 - I believe in the constant development of having money work for me instead of chasing it. Start thinking about how you can do the same because the freedom is worth it 💪 - #freedom #residualincome #moneymoves #millionairemafia #residual #entrepreneurship #moneyispower #winning #life

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