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5 days ago

Them fishes love me. You know what’s cool about fish? They don’t lie, they don’t cheat, they really don’t do shit actually. But these fish here are not reliable than most people 😂 Did I offend you? Sorry, just the truth. Most people say things that they won’t follow through on and most people can’t be held accountable. Those that can always succeed. #fishes #snorkeling #accountability #snorkel #seaworld #tigershark #yucatan #entrepreneurlife

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7 days ago

I’m just following the leader. They’d just discoverer a female body at the ruins here in Belize which is extremely strange since burial grounds only contained men. Apparently they were able to figure out that a king’s daughter and this other king’s horny son couldn’t keep his dick in his pants so he made a move and they killed both of them. She just got dig up after hundreds of years. 🍖 #mayans #mayanruins #ruins #belizetravel #artistic #egyptians #pharos #lushjungle

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