7 days ago

Stepped pretty far out of my comfort zone with this one shooting a genre I never really got into (prior to this), with a video style I've never tried before. Nerve racking? Yes. Worth it? Totally. . All in all I had a ton of fun trying/experiencing new things and I hope to do some more things like this soon! at Club 77

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7 days ago

All I want is pizza 🍕 at Club 77

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14 days ago

Alexa, play 🅱️attern Scre🅰️mer at Rum Runners

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2 months ago

#2018 was kinda like riding a tilt-a-whirl. . (I had some long wordy analogy here explaining that but I couldn't get it to read nicely, so feel free to make your own assumptions as to why. Just know that it was exciting going in, crazy during the ride, and fulfilling stepping out of it) . Here's to #2019 and whatever it may hold and as always, dont forget to like & subscribe 👍 at New Year 2019

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2 months ago

Sum clips . Also, check out my story for a big ol' thank you post ♥️

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2 months ago

So this was my first @deadroyaltyproductions show and all I have to say is these crowds are absolutely beautiful, I was told time and time again that they're more of a family gathering and yeah, it's true, everyone is so welcoming!! . (Also have some more photos and videos coming, this was just a thank you post ♥️) at Velvet Underground

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2 months ago

Just tryna add some color to my feed again seeing as the last 9 or so posts have been straight blue/green...Oops at Toronto, Ontario

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