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8 months ago

#Repost ・・・ I was craving some Iced coffee pre workout but there was no way I was gonna have that caffeine at 8pm and then sleep in a couple of hours. No way. So I decided to make some Coconut Pomegranate Milk! ..... This Supplement by @berkeleylife has been an amazing way to stay pumped and energized! Provides your body with a supply of Nitric Oxide which in turn boosts your performance! Give it a try! It tastes amazing and doesn’t spike your insulin like a regular protein shake/ BCAA could! ..... . . . #keto #ketogenic #berkeleylife #ketoblogger #coconutmilk #aloewater #truvia #sweetener #coconut #smoothie #ketosmoothie #ketocompliant #ketofriendly #ketoaf #ketoish #eatrealfood #preworkout #hearthealth #cardiovascularhealth #healthyheart #goodchoices #micronutrients #supplements #vegan #paleo

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8 months ago

We’re LOVING this recipe shared by @theblondelatte 😍 Today’s smoothie was packed with a kick & beet root powder from @berkeleylife. Why Beet Root Powder? · 100% drug and stimulant free · Beetroot powder is easy to use and tastes delicious! · Increases the levels of Nitric Oxide in your body and thus increases performance and gives you steady energy without the crash (as you could see in my insta stories my nitric oxide was low!) · Beet root Powder is a natural source of energy for your afternoon slump or before a workout I love the way it made my smoothie taste and I love the extra stable energy it provides me throughout the day without the jittery effect! #berkeleylife Ingredients: 1-2 cups of unsweetened almond milk 1 scoop beet root powder 1 cup mango & pineapple 1 cup blueberries As much spinach I could pack in 1 glow packet (collagen) 2 capsules of turmeric Topped with organic granola

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1 year ago

#Repost @jeannine_morris ・・・ If you watch my InstaStories, then you already know how much I love making smoothies. One of my breakfast go-tos is made with almond milk, banana, goji berries and hemp seeds. An easy addition is @berkeleylife's Beet Root Powder. It helps to promote heart health by supporting nitric oxide levels and is best for those who have high blood pressure or anyone who wants more energy and vitality. If that’s you, check it out and use promo code Heart1 for 20% off at #myberkeleylife #sponsored

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1 year ago

Don’t forget to eat your #beets today!

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2 years ago

#Repost @hungry.blonde ・・・ If this lunch Macro Bowl doesn’t scream HEALTH, I don’t know what does 🌱🍠🥑 It’s a spring mix base topped with roasted sweet potato rounds, steamed beets, pan-fried chili tempeh, sliced avocado, sunflower seeds & a drizzle of tahini. I paired it with @BerkeleyLife supplements, which support Nitric Oxide levels to maintain a healthy heart. Healthy heart = healthy life! You can find them + use promo code 32575 for 20% off at @GNCLiveWell 💜 #myberkeleylife

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