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@3100film  A new film this fall about the roots of running w/ Navajo, Bushmen, Buddhist Monks + the world longest race, the 3100 Mile Run. In theaters now.


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On our shoot in the Kalahari desert we were constantly on the lookout for Park Rangers. As people may know by now, the San Bushmen were forcibly relocated from their homeland under the guise of conservation. Despite no record of any sort of animal extinction across the 125000 years they lived freely in the Kalahari, the government decided that they were a threat to the animals and to eco tourism. If they catch the Bushmen hunting, Rangers have the authority to shoot them on site and then ask questions later. As we moved through the Kalahari preparing for such a hunt, we had to constantly stay a day or two ahead of the Ranger rotation. 📷: @forestwoodward

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A great photo by Jowan Gauthier of then 60 year old @yolandaholder finishing the 2017 edition of the Self-Transcendence 3100 miler. With less than 30 minutes to spare!!

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Help! We are playing in Chicago from September 21-27 with a special screening October 6, the day before the Chicago Marathon. But we have no friends here in Chicago! Please help spread the word if you can! Playing at the Gene Siskel Film Center. An awesome location. With tons of gratitude 🙏🏽 at Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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#Repost @survivalinternational ・・・ Tribal peoples are being illegally evicted from their ancestral lands in the name of “conservation.” They’re accused of “poaching” when they only hunt for food. And they face arrest, beatings, torture and death, while fee-paying big game hunters are encouraged. They’re blamed for wildlife decline which they didn’t cause. Yet for millennia, tribespeople have shaped these landscapes, been dependent on them, and nurtured and protected them. Tribal peoples manage their environment and its wildlife better than anyone else. Read more: #climateaction #climatewoke #gogreen

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The oldest remaining hunting and gathering civilization on earth – the San Bushmen of the Kalahari. They are not allowed to even dress in their ancestral clothing, much less hunt. Here, our main character Gaolo takes youth on a hunt understanding fully that if they are caught they face death. None of them cared. They are warriors and refused to sacrifice their identities. at Kalahari

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“We face an uncertain future although we’ve lived here for thousands of generations.” Learn more about the San Bushmen fight for survival @survivalinternational // Gaolo, master hunter and runner.

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Ashprihanal Aalto, who is the star of @3100film has quite possibly raced more than any other male on earth (at least one female has raced more than him - more on that below). After soloing the Appalachian and Pacific crest Trails, Ashprihanal took on multi-day running, which is exactly what it sounds like – running races that take days not hours. His first multi-day was a 700 mile race which he finished worse for the wear, but still finished. A few years later he took on the challenge of the self transcendence 3100 mile race. He has completed the race a record 14 times and in between ran a number of 10 day races (his best is 833 miles), a few 6 day races and a few thousand and 1300 mile races. Just the 3100 mile races alone amount to more than 42,000 miles of racing – not to mention the training. That 42,000 miles is the equivalent of more than 1600 marathons or nearly 7000 10 km races. Put it this way, 1600 marathons is racing a marathon a week for 30 years. A female DC-native Suprabha Beckjord finished the 3100 thirteen times but she had nearly 10 years of multiday races before that and most likely has raced around 48,000 miles. Ashprihanal is planning on doing the 3,100 in 2019 and is inching closer to her race mile total. See the film this week in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Flagstaff and Phoenix. #runandbecome @sevenhillsrunning @gretchen_walla @northwest_trail_runs @foottrafficpdx @stumprunners @bromka @pinkfeathers @runwidkeel @fastkate @quinnthenavajo @wings_of_america @eugene_running_company @faithevebee

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The San Bushmen of the Kalahari face an uncertain future. Forcibly removed after 125,000 of continuous habitation of their homeland, they are struggling to overcome the anti-indigenous sentiment of the Botswanan government. Photo of a Bushman hut by @forestwoodward #kalahari @survivalinternational (from a production trip in 2015) at Kalahari

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Being on @richroll ‘s podcast was an amazing experience especially after having been a listener for so long. See the link in our profile for the full episode. @3100film is in Flagstaff and Phoenix and Albuquerque this week - opening in Seattle, Portland and Eugene this Friday! Go to 3100film.com for details. @mrsanjayr is rocking his @wings_of_america jacket 🧥

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Wow! Thrilled that @3100film was featured this week on the amazing podcast of @richroll. (Link in profile). Rich and our director @mrsanjayr went so deep into Ancestral running and spiritual practice in general. Take a listen to the full episode and let us know what you think!

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The course of the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race is a simple as it gets :: a 1/2 mile sidewalk loop (with 4 ninety degrees angles). The race is held every summer in heat of NYC. With all the potential to suffer, the race participants are supernaturally focused on mining the experience of joy. And hence, the race course itself is oddly and inspiringly peaceful. Volodymr Hluschek from the 2016 edition.

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Gyoman-San had to cover nearly 30,000 miles in his 1000 day trek, always wearing an elaborate robe with bamboo sandals as his only footwear. #1000daymonks at Mount Hiei

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“Hard Times” by Jar Farrar and #GobIron - excerpted from the film. #runandbecome. In ABQ thru 8/30. We open @3100film in PHX and Flagstaff 8/31-9/6. We have grants for Native organizations to get free tix to PHX and Flagstaff shows. Pls DM me for details. We will be doing a panel in Scottsdale with @chelsey.luger on 8/31. And in Flagstaff on 8/31 with @aybegay and Shaun Martin. Also 9/1 panel in Flag with @coachbenrosario1 and @naz_elite. We have a one night only screening 9/5 in Tucson @theloftcinema with @llcooljennings @lennecefer @moirahough @1_ccurley @francisco_af @bentleyaz and @nativesoutdoors. We also have a special screening on White Mountain 8/30 for WM and San Carlos Apache runners. Pls DM @apachefarmer for complimentary tix to that community screening. @nephi_craig @twila_cassadore_ @thosh.collins @shyalchesay @wings_of_america @__sekaquaptewa__ @chili071 @kenisha.rowe @taylorbegoody @cheezbee @jay_r_frank

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