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@21daysugardetox  Bust sugar & carb cravings naturally eating REAL FOOD🍏#21DSD Created by @dianesanfilippo Next group starts March 4th NEW📘“Daily Guide” (links below)

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Do you feel like becoming a Certified 21DSD Coach would be a great addition to your health or wellness coaching practice? . You must complete a full 21-Day Sugar Detox before enrolling in the 21DSD Coaches Program. Enrollment is going to open this spring, so if you're thinking of signing up next time enrollment opens and you haven't completed a 21DSD, now is your chance! . The next official 21DSD groups starts March 4 (prep week starts February 25)! However, you can complete the 21DSD using the Online Program or the Daily Guide whenever works best for you, as long as it's before the course starts! . Sign up for the coach waitlist for all the latest updates and be the first to know when enrollment opens at (Link in profile!) . #21dsdcoach  #21daysugardetox #sugardetox  #ntc  #ntp  #wellnesscoach #healthcoach  #fitnesscoach

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Great meal-prep!! 💙💙 It’s the last week for the February #21DSD! Did you meal prep for your last week? -April #Repost @rosecoloredplate ・・・ Mission #mealprep is done for the week! . In three hours, I made all the different components for this week’s meals. . I don’t often cook with recipes, it’s easier for me and my guy to be able to mix and match proteins and veggies throughout the week. I keep the seasonings fairly basic and then we can add whatever sauces or additional toppings we want to mix up the flavors. . In three hours (would’ve been less without a little cleaning break in the middle), I made: ✅tuna cakes ✅meatballs ✅roasted chicken thighs ✅hard boiled eggs ✅cabbage and bok choy stir fry ✅roasted broccoli, cauliflower, italian squash & Brussels sprouts ✅spaghetti squash ✅zoodles ✅sautéed peppers and onions . This will last us all week, with lunches and dinners for both of us covered. We both have very healthy appetites! . We also have salad, which doesn’t need to be cooked, obviously. . It’s a lot of work, but it’s so much easier after I figured out how to time everything correctly. It’s satisfying to know that all this is done for the week, so we won’t really have to worry about what’s for dinner in the event of a later night. . What’s your favorite meal prep hack? Let me know in the comments!

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What to expect on your #21DSD Day 15: Not. Another. Green. Apple. RIGHT?! At the beginning, you may have been excited about being allowed to have some fruit. Now, you may just feel annoyed if you see a green apple, green-tipped banana, or grapefruit. What to do? Expand your meal plan this week.. add in 1-2 new proteins or new cuts, change up the veggies, or even more fun, try a new spice blend. You won't know what new flavors you love until your try them! (Do we sound like your mother now?!) What's something new you are planning on incorporating for the last week? #21DSD #21daysugardetox #whattoexpect21DSD

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I love a good frittata! Cook once, eat all week! I am making one and sharing in stories today! -April #Repost @thetastyremedy ・・・ Are you a frittata fan? We are! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ . Frittatas are a great way to use up leftovers or cleaning out the fridge. They also are a way to have work week breakfasts ready to go! . Our frittata this morning had smoked sausage, onion, zucchini and spinach with 12 eggs (from our ladies🐓, of course) and seasoned with S&P, smoked paprika and ground garlic. . What’s your favorite frittata combination? . . . #thetastyremedy #21dsd #21daysugardetox #21dsdcoach #whatsuzieeats #grainfree #dairyfree #pasturedeggs

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Real talk: Don't attach your self-worth to your decisions. Just because you made the choice to eat the food that isn't 21DSD-compliant doesn't make you a bad person. In fact, that mindset will just make you feel worse. - Instead, be your own cheerleader! You made the choice, you recognize that you made that choice, now move on. Don't let one slip-up derail all of your progress. Observe what happened, observe how you felt, and move forward. You've got this! - #21dsd  #21daysugardetox  #sugardetox #mindfulness #decisionmaking  #movingon #slipups #fearoffailure

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Just look at this #21DSD meal! 😍😍 -April — Interested in joining the next detox? Day 1 begins on Monday, March 4th! Grab the book at then join our community group at #Repost @healthcoachcarrie ・・・ I’ll be the first to admit that I was making my food too simple on keto before and getting bored. Diane’s book Keto Quickstart has shown me a few super simple ways to pack extra flavor for almost no effort. I’m all about that!! This Umami Steak and Arugula Salad recipe from the book adds SO. MUCH. FLAVOR(!!!). and required almost no extra prep effort! Check it out. . . #ketoquickstart #bbspices #21dsd #21dsdcoach #21dsdcoachcarrie #21daysugardetox #hawaiihealthcoach #healthcoach #keto #ketodiet #steak #glutenfree #paleo #healthyeats #lowcarb #easyketo

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Day 12 - Are you still feeling a little sluggish and wondering where all that fantastic energy you hear all the other 21DSD-ers talking about is? It's time to check in on how you're building your plate. Let me remind you, you will not make this program more successful by restricting carbs and trying to "detox harder." In fact, you're just making it tougher on yourself. — Pay attention to how you're building your plate. Are you sure you're including enough carbs, especially for your activity level? — Let us know what your current good carb is in the comments below! #21daysugardetox #21dsd

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The 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidebook is that started it all! This New York Times bestseller includes more than 90 21DSD-friendly recipes, a 21-day meal plan, and support for athletes, pregnant and breastfeeding mamas, pescetarians, and an AIP protocol. . Recipes in this book include: *pumpkin pancakes with vanilla bean coconut butter *mustard-glazed chicken thighs *jalapeno bacon burgers *asian-style meatballs *shrimp pad thai *granny smith apple crumble ...and so much more! . Grab your copy via the link in our profile, at your local Barnes and Noble, or any local bookstore! . #21dsd #21dsdguideboook #21daysugardetox #sugardetox #sugarfree #realfood #realfoodfreedom #newnormal

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Welcome Certified Coach Jenny as she takes over the #21DSD stories this weekend! #Repost @fit_healthy_happy_u ・・・ Hey there! I’m seeing some new faces here on Instagram so I wanted to share a little info about myself...⠀ 🌼I have been married to an awesome guy for 13 years. Together, we have a nine year old boy and a giant golden retriever.⠀ 🌼 I was diagnosed with PCOS at 28. I had a hard time getting pregnant and this inspired me to take control of my health. I immersed myself with learning all I could about PCOS. Through nutrition, naturopathic medicine, and lifestyle changes, I am able to manage PCOS pretty well. ⠀ 🌼I am a personal development and podcast junkie. I ❤️ learning all I can about mindset, living your best life, and anything related to health and wellness.⠀ 🌼I am a Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and a consultant for a naturally derived anti-aging skincare line. I also hold a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and taught fourth grade for many years ⠀ 🌼I experienced a lot of digestive issues after I had my son. I was diagnosed with SIBO back in 2015. Despite being very compliant with nutrition and supplements, I relapsed a few times. I now have it under control, but it’s something I always have to be cautious about. This is what inspired me to learn more about nutrition. I saw what a change in diet did for my overall health and well being. ⠀ 🌼I became an entrepreneur in 2017 and launched my coaching business, Fit Healthy Happy U! This is something I never thought I would do, but so happy I took that leap of faith! I feel passionate about helping others live optimally through healthy habits, mindset, nutrition, and fitness.⠀ 🌼I live the 21 Day Sugar Detox lifestyle. Not only do I coach people on how to make healthy changes with their diet, but this is how I eat 90% percent of the time. Eating this way helps maintain my digestive health, helps keep the SIBO away, and keeps my blood sugar balanced and stable. I love that I know how to build a healthy plate without counting calories. ⠀ 🌼On my page, I’m hoping you find inspiration about healthy choices, mindset, goal setting and living optimally.

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