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@10pm_rite  💭 combo, sensitive, cystic acne 📍 New Zealand

8 months ago

Been totally MIA but we’re back! ✨✨There’s been a lot going on with exams but hopefully content will be on the increase! While I do have favourite moisturisers, it’s important to bear in mind that their role is to create a protective layer over your skin which prevents water loss. All the claims of collagen production or ‘nourishing the deepest layers of skin’ are really just marketing puff. Rely on your actives to deal with skin concerns and leave your moisturiser as an icing to keep ur face (or a cake) moist 🎂🎂 - but we’re all skin obsessed here so you probably already knew that 😉💖💖 How do you find it’s been to stay hydrated?💧 Much love, Florence

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9 months ago

Hollerrrr we r back! 👼🏽👼🏽 I’m a gal who, despite my spot scars, is usually out the flat without any makeup. If I do I usually go for concealer, bronzer and cream blush. Before I got this @bobbiebrown pot rouge for lips and cheeks I used to use my @clarins lipstick as a cream blush 💋💋This is called Raspberry but it’s more an ochre plummy shade. You pop it on on cheeks, lips and eyelids and bing bang shazam you look alive and can run out into your day full carpe diem style. It’s easy peasy. You can’t go wrong. C’est parfait✨✨

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9 months ago

The well covered but nevertheless gorgeous Gucci Bloom. The creative director, Alessandro Michele was trying emulating breathing in the perfumed air of an oriental garden in full bloom. Judging by its campaign he was proved right It’s a white floral relying on Tuberose, Jasmine and Rangoon creeper (a type of Chinese honeysuckle) to give it this irresistibly interesting head before fading into a woody base. For me personally it is truly intoxicatingly delicious. When i was deciding if I liked it or not I kept smelling it everywhere. In my lectures, in the street, even my yoga class. Yesterday I was studying and this girl next to me passed a note with “Gucci Bloom?” Written. I nodded and we both laughed. The scent is just that iconic.

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9 months ago

Righto. The ordinary review! Boy do I have a thing or two to say about these. I’ve been combining their salicylic, niacinamide and azelaic acid (not featured) for my spots. Hella drying they may be (im literally so crusty 🙄🙄) BUT my dark spots are more pink, my stubborn spots and whiteheads are drying and flaking off. Success? I think so 👌🏽👌🏽How do you keep the dryness at bay? 💥💥- Florence

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9 months ago

I’m sure you’re all sick of Chanel tributes but not taking copious pics would be an injustice. The same goes for clarins blue orchid face oil. Truly a beautiful product outside and in. It’s hydrating and sinks in perfectly leaving you dewy af ✨✨ 10/10 bomb. Forever part of my collection. Ciao for now!

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9 months ago

Happy friday! ☀️☀️ in celebration of finally getting some autumnal sun I brought out my army of Mademoiselle. Layering scents really does help you smell like an absolute queen for the day. I like to begin with the shower gel, then the moisturiser all over and the body cream on my elbows, knees, feet and hands as it’s a bit thicker, before finishing with a spritz and glide through the veil of lavishness that is Chanel 🌸I hope ur day had lots moments of indulgence too. After all, we’ve made it to the weekend ✨✨

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10 months ago

✨ Sunday routine ✨

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10 months ago

Hollerrr 👋🏽 thought I’d share my The Ordinary arrival in light of restocking by some international providers Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Really high concentration of niacinamide (which is vit b3) and the Zinc salt is to balance sebum production. This helps acne as b3 can fade pigmentation and balanced oil means less clogged pores from too much oil which causes acne $8.10 NZD 5.5 - 6.5 PH Salicylic Acid 2% As a BHA, it exfoliates. Basically it gets amongst dead skin cells and helps the skins natural process of lifting them off and away. This ‘clearing the canvas’ is important in removing spots acne can hide in 💧 As a natural compound, results are likely to take time. $6.80 NDZ 3.2 - 3.5 PH Azelaic Acid 10% Naturally produced by yeast, this can even skin tones redness and texture $8.89 NDZ 4 - 5 PH 100% Organic cold-pressed rose hip SEED oil (basically as good as u can get) The fact it’s made from the seed is important. It’s it’s most nutrient rich part of the plant = better quality. Belonging to the Omega 6 fatty acid fam it’s a good hydrator, but as it’s more linoleic it’s not as rich as coconut oil and therefore better for oily skin. It’s got a low comedogenic rating too so it’s likely banging for not breaking u out. It’s also got vit C to (hopefully!) help brighten my pigmentation . Think of oils as a sealant; they stop everything underneath escaping so they’re best used stop all other products. $14.56 NZD Weeeeew! 😅 congrats if u made it this far! Thank u for indulging with me in the science behind a brand of the moment! V v keen to share my thoughts on these with U all soon! Mucho amore, Florentine 💥💥

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10 months ago

hey everyone! I’m literally so excited to share my 10PM rite debut with you all! ✨💕 @pixibeauty glow tonic - Given time, it’s absolutely contributed to softening my hyper-pigmentation. Contains a small portion of fragrance but I haven’t had any issues with this @darphin intral cleansing milk - gently does it’s job, aided by chamomile. Anyone else find it subtly smells of banana milk?? 🍌💛 @clinique moisture surge overnight mask - perfect hydrator atop acne creams. Despite containing dimethicone it hasn’t broken me out @chanelofficial @welovecoco Coco Mademoiselle - a sweet 16 gift became an absolute staple. It’s top notes are Sicilian citrus and Calabrian bergamot but to me it smells like the best of my high school years (for better or worse!) ✨✨ Much love, Florentine 💕💕

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