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8 hours ago

Lonely together 💔💐 // done sharing Iran photos for now... next stop: Bali, Lisbon and Cannes Lions! If you guys have any tips and suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Drop a comment below :)

9 hours ago

@myTwils introduced at the #SalonedelMobile2019 three new beds designed by @palombaserafini with the contribution of Matteo Bollati and Stefano Contini: De-light, Sail and James. This is what the two Designers have to say about their projects: “At the heart of our Twils project lies an idea of well-being and comfort based on a precise but lightweight look. Three styles expand upon their shared vocabulary, developing proportions and details, where the protagonist is always the fabric that identifies the style and outlines the silhouettes of De-light, Sail and James. United by the same distinct and contemporary design, they stand out for the different emphasis they place on heights and volumes, which are always soft and inviting”. #Archiproducts #Twils #Mytwils #PalombaSerafini #Salonedelmobile

1 month ago

So lets talk about our eyes for a second. Your eyes are lined with little photo-receptor cells that specialize in either black/white tones or color. Cones interpret color, rods take care of black and white. Your brain does a bunch of weird stuff and then boom. Vision. Unfortunately vision is far from perfect. Those cones that see beautiful color are hilariously bad in low light. When the light reduces, you are primarily seeing input from your rod receptors. Since they only transmit black and white color, the image you see tends to be dull and colorless. Don't trust those little liars because there is often still color present after the light reduces, even if you cant see it! . This scene is a great example of that. You often see photographers packing up and leaving because "the light is over". Don't be one of those people. Sometimes the absolute best light is during the transition period from blue hour to nautical twilight. Your eyes struggle to see the residual color present in the scene, but your camera is pretty good at it. . This image was taken 50 minutes after sunset. This is, in my opinion, when the best light of the night happened. The cloud shelf lined up with the boardwalk of Marshall Point, soft light lit up the railing/cloud edge, and the beacon shined bright. These subtle elements, enhanced by the lack of light, allowed me to capture my favorite shot of this lighthouse to date. . Get there early and stay late. That is one of the best tips I have ever gotten. . . . #exploremore #acadianationalpark #ignewengland #seascape #mainetheway #mainelife #seascapes #goatworthy #igersmaine #landscape_capture #naturalnewengland #nationalparks #wearestillwild #maineisgorgeous #everytrailconnects #maine #exploremaine #mainething #naturalnewengland #createscenery #goparks #briskoutdoors #nationalparkgeek #lovemaine #visitmaine #freshairandfreedom #inthewoods #maine #campingcollective #scenesofnewengland @naturalnewengland @exploremaine

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Megalomaniac edifices

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#raw_architecture • . ✨Featured Artist: @meshquito . ✨ . ________________________________________________ ✨✨CONGRATULATIONS!✨✨ ________________________________________________ . . ✨✨✨You are on your way to become a member! 5 features by RAW makes you a member. Contact @raw_members if you already have 5 Raw features! ✨✨✨✨ . . Selected by: @janoola13 . . . Cc: RAW_Community_Owners . • @chefjane@kristina_nicolina • . Join us in our fresh, creative and supportive community. Please follow @raw_community. . Please check out @raw_kingdom for more of our RAW_community pages. • #raw_featured #raw_community . #archilovers #archimasters #architexture #arkiminimal #beautifulbuildings #lookingup_architecture #minimal_lookup #rustlord_unity . #raw_architecture_meshquito #raw_featured_meshquito